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Coed K-1st

The K-1st Grade Lacrosse Program is intended to introduce lacrosse to the youngest members of our community.  This non-competitive non-contact developmental program is coed for any athletic level.  Coaches will teach the basic individual footwork and stick skills using short non-repetitive drill and activity format.  Real games are intramural (meaning we will divide the class and play).


  • Coed, any athletic level, no contact
  • Weekly sessions at GPP starting in March
  • Practice/Clinic style with drills and activities


  • “Lacrosse is fun, fast, fulfilling, & fun”
  • Dispel challenges – you can do this, it’s not as hard as it looks. Get better at home
  • Individual skills, basic teamwork, rudimentary game strategy
  • Indoctrinate families in lacrosse culture, terminology, and rules
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