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The boys game is a contact
sport in which some amount of
checking is allowed which increasing
with age level.



North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association

Lacrosse is our country’s oldest sport, developed and played by Native Americans for centuries and modified by European immigrants. Lacrosse has since developed into different forms – box and field lacrosse. At NGLA, our teams play field lacrosse. The game is played outdoors, usually, on a football-sized field, with between six and 11 players plus a goalie. Both the girls and boys games are fast-paced, requiring skill, stamina, and athleticism.


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4th-5th boys
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All players MUST have a lacrosse stick and wear the following pieces of protective equipment during practices and games. NO EXCEPTIONS. This equipment must be professionally manufactured and not altered. Each player must always have a properly molded mouthpiece, that is NOT white or clear (must be a color).

Boys Equipment
1. Gloves
Padded gloves with unaltered palms are worn for protection that are made specifically for lacrosse.
2. Helmet
Designed for lacrosse and meeting the NOCSAE test requirements. The helmet must have a face mask and a chin strap that is firmly attached.
3. Rib Pads
Protection for the rib cage is recommended (not required)
4. Protective Cup
It is highly recommended that a protective cup be worn both during games and practices.
5. Mouthpiece
All players must wear a professionally manufactured intra-oral mouthpiece that fully covers the upper jaw teeth. It can be of any color, except white or clear and may not be altered to decrease protection.
6. Shoulder Pads
Shoulder pads that are made specifically for lacrosse, and in no way are altered from manufacturer’s original construction.
7. Arm Pads
Since the arms are usually near your stick, they may be exposed to contact making arm protection vital. (Pads must be made specifically for lacrosse.) Cleats (recommended, not required)

***NGLA provides goalie equipment but players wishing to focus on the position may wish to purchase their own.

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