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Girls 6th-7th

This program is typically for girls 6-7th grade. Middle school teams are usually split into 6/7th and a 7/8 th grade team depending on grade and skill.  As the girls  move up from elementary school, we continue to teach the fundamental skills of throwing, catching, cradling, dodging and shooting. It is never to late to join this game.  We continue to build skills, but lacrosse accepts and teaches all skill levels.  We practice using methods designed to maximize repetitions and opportunities for improvement. The team concept is stressed. We focus on our players making the “correct lacrosse play” vs. the one on one concept. We continue to build on our cultural themes by emphasizing sportsmanship, fair play, and the traditions of lacrosse . We prepare for the athletes for the next level, high school lacrosse, by elevating lacrosse IQ at the individual and team level.  

Teams will play full-field lacrosse, 12v12 with a goalie, against other youth programs in the Newtown Recreation Youth Lacrosse League.

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