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Children who participate in team based sports as kids learn skills and attributes that serve them throughout their lifetime. In fact, according to a 2020 study by Aspen Institute, active kids are less likely to struggle with drug abuse, depression, and smoking. Alternatively, they are 15% more likely in the future to persue higher edcuation and on average earn 7-8% higher annual earnings as adults.

Here at North Lacrosse we are dedicated to promoting a healthy environment for our young community to grow, adapt, and learn. We know the importance of teaching and cultivating the skills of leadership, sportmanship, and comraderie from a young age. For that reason, we are proud and humbled to have the opportunity to help shape the next generation of our community. Would you like to join us? The North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association is a 501c3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.


Levels of Sponsorship

BRONZE Bulldog Level $250
5’x 9’ Plaque with team picture

SILVER Bulldog Level $350
3’x 5’ Banner*
5’x 9’ Plaque with team picture

GOLD Bulldog Level $500
3’x 5’ Banner*
5’x 9’ Plaque with team picture
Link on the NGLA Website
Mention on NGLA Social Media 1 time. (Facebook and Instagram)

PLATINUM Bulldog Level $1000
3’x 5’ Banner*
5’x 9’ Plaque with team picture
Link on the NGLA Website
Mention on NGLA Social Media 5 times. (Facebook and Instagram)

Become a Sponsor!

Non Profit
Community Volunteers

North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association is seeking sponsors for the 2022/2023 Lacrosse seasons. NGLA is a nonprofit organization. We are an age-based program who competes with many other Associations in the North Metro Atlanta area, with age groups consisting of Lacrosse players ages 6 through 8th grade. It is the primary purpose of the North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association to promote, encourage, direct, and operate Lacrosse programs for the youth of the North Gwinnett area. We promote the physical, mental, social, educational, and spiritual welfare of all the participants through organized sports. This is achieved by promoting the ideals of good citizenship and sportsmanship.

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with North Gwinnett High School, an extraordinarily successful High School program that also puts time and effort into helping our Association prosper. NGLA has seen tremendous growth in its members. To continue to grow, we need your help!

North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association is operated solely on unpaid community volunteers and receives no income other than player registration fees. A sponsorship from your company will help offset the cost of equipment, team fees, trainers, and referees. It will also provide funds to keep our park beautiful.

Sponsorships start at $250 and go up to $2000+, with several different levels available. Please see the attachment for descriptions and benefits received at each level. Your contribution is not only tax deductible but will also expose your business to many Lacrosse families, friends, coaches, and trainers throughout Gwinnett County who play games at George Pierce Park.

North Gwinnett Lacrosse Association is committed to giving our youth a fun, healthy, and safe experience and fostering a life-long love of Lacrosse. Your generous contribution and NGLA’s volunteer commitment will ensure that these goals are met. NGLA appreciates your consideration of our request. Your sponsorship will be recognized and appreciated for many years to come. GO BULLDOGS!

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